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Services Offered

By evaluating your age, goals, health, eating habits and medical needs, I will design a unique eating plan that will keep you satisfied and motivated too.
Initial Consultation : $98 (Charged as a deposit if billing insurance)

Initial Consultation : $98 (Charged as a deposit if billing insurance)

  • Collect information on medical/social history, dietary habits, and lifestyle.
  • Collection of 24-hour dietary recall for computer analysis, to be reviewed at the initial visit.
  • Screen for dietary risks of chronic disease.
  • Prioritize health goals and present initial diet/wellness/fitness recommendations.
  • Obtain starting body weight, waist/hip measurements.

Follow up Visit (1 hr): $98(charged as a deposit if billing insurance)

  • Reassess health goals.
  • Follow up on recommendations from previous consultation.
  • Modify or add recommendations, as needed.
  • Review computer analysis of dietary recall and discuss appropriate changes.
  • Provide meal planning, food ideas, and/or shopping tips.
  • Obtain body weight at each visit as well as waist/hip measurements.

Follow up visits (1/2 hr): $50The “Get Me Started” Package: $245 (Get one follow up consult for free)

  • Initial Assessment: Goals, concerns and plan
  • 2 in-person follow up sessions
  • Email contact as needed for 6 months


The “walk and talk” package: $245 (Get one follow up consult for free)

  • Initial assessment: Goals, concerns and plan
  • 2 follow-up sessions where we chat while walking outside – your favorite spot or mine.
  • Email contact as needed for 6 months

Kitchen/Pantry Makeover: $150

Make your new diet plan truly personal. Mitali will visit with you in your home to analyze your current food selections and discuss what foods are found in a healthy kitchen. You and Mitali will then discuss healthy choices, followed by a trip to the grocery store to restock the kitchen.Supermarket tour : Learn How to Shop for Good Health :$90

Set up your own fun and educational grocery store tour for adults or kids! Have your kids learn how nutrition relates to health and disease  with Mitali who is passionate about keeping the Obesity Epidemic away from you and your kids! Shop with Mitali and learn to:

  • Identify the most healthful foods in the market
  • Plan meals and snacks to meet your nutrition goals
  • Compare foods to determine the best value
  • Reading labels , Identifying faulty label claim

Video conferencing option via Skype is also available if unable to come in person.

I offer a range of counseling options to fit your schedule and budget. Charges are subject to change. Feel free to call/email me for the latest charges.